Robin Kommer- Agni Vara(non-registered)
wonderful images. Great perspectives and use of lighting. Capturing the moment in its essence
Joan Creasy
Thank you Beloved, for ALL that you are.
Hanumani these are so fantastic. What beautiful photos. Amazing amazing amazing thank you how blessed are we to have such a talent within Shanti Mission as you have. Much Love to you always. xx Gangaji
Matrika McGrath
Thank you thank you thank you Beloved , for all you do and all you are!
Bala Ganesha Ma(non-registered)
Great photos, Hanumani - Took me back to the Khumba Mela in Haridwar with Sai Maa. Thank you.
Soham Kali(non-registered)
Hanumani - you are embodying your name. You are Hanuman to Shakti Durga, Hanuman to Shanti Mission, Hanuman to the community and Hanuman to history. These photos live and will live for a long long time.
Hanumani - the recording of these moments in the Shanti Mission story are sublime - thank you, thank you, thank you x
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